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Dr. Feinfield,
You’re awesome!! Thank you so much for all you did for A and his nose. Grateful more than words can say!

The T Family

Dr. Waldman,
Thank you so much for my new nose! It looks incredible and I can already tell I am going to be able to breathe so much better. I really appreciate your attention to detail and your perfectionism. It truly makes a difference in the end result. The entire experience from the consultation to the after surgery care has been wonderful. I couldn’t have asked for a better Doctor. Thanks again for everything!


Dear Dr. Feinfield,
Again, we would like to say a very heartfelt thank you to you and your entire office staff for all that was done for my daughter. We appreciate each and everyone for the kindness and professionalism you all extended throughout the process of her tonsillectomy. You guys are AWESOME!

The A Family

Dr. Waldman,
Thank you so much for the Septoplasty AKA my new Fab nose! It looks great and gets better each day. As you know we had a hard time choosing surgeons and you were by far the best choice with the best referrals. I can’t talk more highly about your entire team and the care they put into every patient. I truly appreciate everything you have done for me, you changed my life.


Dr. Waldman,
Since having Balloon Sinuplasty from you, I just want you to know how my life has changed and how successful the surgery was. Thank you so much for making my life sinus infection free!!! After so many years of pain and pressure everyday, I can finally live life. Thank you! Also, my wife says “thank you” as well!


Dr. Waldman & Staff,
Thank you so much for the excellent care! I can’t begin to thank your entire team for their patience.


Dear Dr. Feinfield,
I just want to say thank you for enhancing my life. One month after surgery and I feel wonderful. Balloon Sinuplasty was a great choice for me. Can’t thank you enough!


Dr. Feinfield AKA DOC -
I can’t thank you enough. You and your staff have made me a new woman. Thank you!!


Dr. Waldman,
I am thrilled with my results.

S and Family

Dear Dr. Feinfield and Staff,
Thank you for giving me my “life” back. You have made me feel like a new person. I can hardly wait to show off my new nose and I love who I see in the mirror for the first time in my life.


Dr. Waldman,
Thank you so much for your excellent care and for making this experience as easy as possible.


Dr. Feinfield,
Doctors and staff don’t hear it often enough. A BIG THANK YOU! I wanted to personally thank you and your entire staff. Your office is amazing, attitudes are positive and care is outstanding.

Happy Client

Dr. Waldman and staff,
I value you guys. You make my every day life better. Thank you!


Dr. Feinfield,
Thanks for your time, your energy and your commitment. Thanks for being there. You really made a difference. Your attentiveness, understanding, honesty and professionalism was very much appreciated….you really made a difference in my surgery experience. Not to mention the compliments I get on my nose doesn’t hurt! Thank you!


Dear Dr. Waldman and The Fabulous Staff,
I am so grateful for you! You all have been so kind, patient and professional. Thank you all so much!

T and B

Dr. Feinfield,
Just a short note to tell you how much I appreciate the beautiful job you did with my nose. It was wonderful meeting such a fine doctor & gentleman. The world does give back some tremendous people. Thank you again! Fondly,


Dr. Feinfield,
I want to thank you for the fabulous job you did. I’m really thrilled. People say I look 10 years younger and I’ve gotten many compliments. Women ask me if it hurt and my honest answer is “not a bit”, which still surprises me. Your work is greatly appreciated.


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