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Discover the Benefits of Office-Based Sinus Treatments

Stop Suffering from Painful Sinusitis Symptoms

Since 2005, over 375,000 patients have been treated successfully with Balloon Sinus Dilation, a revolutionary, minimally-invasive in-office procedure.

Have you been taking too many medications or antibiotics to treat the symptoms of your chronic sinus infection? The Office-Based Sinus Treatments (or Balloon Sinus Dilation) may be right for you. Office-Based Sinus Treatments are a safe, clinically-proven option that effectively improves sinus sufferers’ quality of life.

Sinus Pain

The Problem

Inflammation causes the sinus opening to swell, leading to mucous build-up. Stagnation causes bacterial growth, further swelling, infection and pain.

The Treatment

Treat and cure the root cause of sinus pain. A tiny balloon is inserted into the opening of the sinus cavity and gently inflated, restoring airflow and sinus function.

Balloon Sinus Dilation is less invasive than traditional sinus surgery and works to restore breathing and normal sinus function, greatly relieving symptoms related to chronic sinusitis. Return to normal activities – such as work or school – quickly following the procedure. And best of all, this innovative procedure does not include cutting or removal of bone or tissue.

Balloon Sinus Dilation is a Modern Solution for Chronic Sinusitis

Bella Vista ENT has been designated as one of the country’s premier centers of excellence. We are the physicians’ expert and serve as a national training center teaching implementation and best practices to other ENT surgeons. Contact our team today to discuss your sinus treatment options and if Office-Based Sinus Treatment is right for you.

Bella Vista ENT & Facial Plastic Surgery provides outstanding sinus care for Oxnard, Agoura Hills, Tarzana, Calabasas, and Sherman Oaks patients in our Thousand Oaks offices in Ventura County.

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