Propecia Hair Restoration Treatment


PROPECIA® is used to restore scalp hair for men with male pattern hair loss (androgenic alopecia), a hereditary condition that can cause receding hairlines, thinning and/or balding on the top and front of the scalp. In clinical studies, most men who took PROPECIA® reported an increase in scalp hair within the first 12 months and enjoyed continuing improvement throughout treatment. Some men have also reported that PROPECIA® slows further hair loss.

PROPECIA® tablets are taken once a day. Healthy hair grows about half an inch each month, so results may not appear for three months or more. If there is no improvement within one year, further treatment is unlikely to be effective.

Side effects of PROPECIA® are uncommon but may include sexual side effects (less than 2% of men), allergic reactions, breast tenderness and enlargement and testicular pain. PROPECIA® can affect the results of the prostate cancer screening exam known as a PSA test, so patients should tell their physician that they are taking PROPECIA® if they are undergoing the test.

PROPECIA® is intended for men only. Pregnant women who come into contact with the active ingredient in PROPECIA® should contact a doctor because it may cause abnormalities in a developing male fetus.

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