Eyebrow Restoration
Woman with fuller brows due to eyebrow restoration

Eyebrow Restoration

Although they may seem insignificant, the eyebrows play a major role in the appearance of the face. Hair loss in this area may alter a patient’s appearance and affect their self-esteem. Temporary measures to restore the appearance of the eyebrows often produce unrealistic results and cannot be completely customized for each individual patient. Eyebrow restoration is a surgical procedure to recreate natural-looking eyebrows for patients seeking a more professional solution.

Restoring missing eyebrows can be achieved through several different techniques, similar to those performed to restore hair on the head, including a transplant, scalp-to-eyebrow pedicle flap or other means.

The most common approach for eyebrow restoration involves the use of single-hair micro-grafts inserted a designated angle with the use of a tiny needle to help achieve each patient’s goals for the shape, length and overall look of their new eyebrows. Depending on the extent of hair loss and desired goals, multiple treatment sessions may be required. Waxing or trimming of the new eyebrows may be required after surgery to maintain an ideal appearance.

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