Earring Hole/Earlobe Repair

The ear lobe is the most delicate and vulnerable area of the outer ear as it is made up of delicate skin and tissue with no cartilage support. Traditionally it is the favored site for the earring. An earlobe can get torn if the earring is pulled upon with excess force or if heavy earrings are worn over time.

During your initial appointment, I will examine the ear lobe and decide whether a surgery is needed or not. Earlobe repair is a short procedure done at the doctor’s office with local anesthesia. It usually involves cleaning the edges of the tear and re-stitching the open lobe. This can even be done if your earlobe was torn a long time ago. There should be little to no pain during your recovery.

A follow up appointment is necessary to have the stitches removed within one to two weeks after the surgery. Once the stitches are removed, massage your ear lobe regularly. You will be able to pierce your ears again after four to six months.

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Repair of Earring Hole, Earlobe