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If your nasal congestion turns you into a mouth breather, you probably have a nasal obstruction problem.

Difficulty breathing through your nose is commonly caused by some form of nasal obstruction.  People who suffer with a nasal obstruction may find they are forced to breathe through their mouth – unpleasant and unhealthy.  Also, symptoms of nasal obstruction may get worse at night and cause less restful sleep.

A common cause of nasal obstruction is a deviation in the septum.

The septum is the cartilage in the nose that separates your nasal passages into the right and left sides.  It normally is centered in your nasal passage and divides the nostrils evenly.  However, sometimes, the septum is uneven from birth or displaced by injury or disease.

Mouth breathing can be a side effect of nasal obstruction

A deviated septum can cause health complications.

An uneven septum is very common.  According to the American Academy of Otolaryngology - Head and Neck Surgery, 80 percent of all people have some degree of deviation in their septum.1  Although many people experience only minor problems, if the deviation is severe, it can block one side of your nose, reduce airflow, and cause a number of possible symptoms:

  • difficulty breathing, especially through the nose
  • having one side of the nose that’s easier to breathe through
  • nosebleeds
  • nasal congestion or pressure
  • sinus infections
  • facial pain
  • dryness in one nostril
  • snoring or loud breathing during sleep
  • sleep apnea
Relieved Sinus Patient with a Balloon Sinuplasty Treatment

Dr. Waldman, Since having Balloon Sinuplasty from you, I just want you to know how my life has changed and how successful the surgery was. Thank you so much for making my life sinus infection free!!! After so many years of pain and pressure everyday, I can finally live life. Thank you! Also, my wife says “thank you” as well! - MB

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Patient grateful for sinus relief

Dr. Feinfield, You’re awesome!! Thank you so much for all you did for A and his nose. Grateful more than words can say!
- The T Family

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Business Woman Relieved of Sinus Pressure

Dr. Waldman, Thank you so much for the Septoplasty AKA my new Fab nose! It looks great and gets better each day. As you know we had a hard time choosing surgeons and you were by far the best choice with the best referrals. I can’t talk more highly about your entire team and the care they put into every patient. I truly appreciate everything you have done for me, you changed my life. - KM

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Please note:  every patient is unique, and your results may vary.

Surgery is the only way to correct a deviated septum. 1

Septoplasty is the surgical procedure to straighten a deviated septum, allowing for better airflow through your nose.  While other treatment options are available, and sometimes lessen symptoms, they will never correct a deviated septum.

Unless the septoplasty is complex or combined with another nasal surgery procedure, it is usually done as an outpatient procedure and does not involve the external parts of the nose.  Your nose will not be “broken” during the septoplasty, and any external bruising is very unlikely.

You’ll be under either local or general anesthesia, depending on what you and your doctor decide is best for you.

Patient discussing septoplasty procedure
Septoplasty can correct nasal obstruction

Don't struggle to breathe, awake or asleep

The best way to diagnose the problems contributing to your nasal obstruction is to see one of the Bella Vista Ear Nose & Throat specialists, Drs. Jeffrey Feinfield and Glenn Waldman.  A CT scan can be helpful in diagnosing a deviated nasal septum and can be performed right in our office.

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